Empowering you and your team by building Resilience, Influence and Purpose as foundational cornerstones of your Success!

  • Michele Gennoe

    “Michele is a truly talented coach. Sharing professional interests in transformation and leadership I am pleased to have joined with Michele early in the COVID-19 pandemic. She leads our virtual group sessions helping focus on the new normal, reflecting on small changes to create a habit of positivity and gratitude. Michele has helped me to appreciate today’s successes”

    Digital Transformation Journey Project Lead, Head of Delivery

  • Michele Gennoe

    “What is my legacy? Do we ever truly regard this question with depth and reverence? Michele’s ability to evoke internal dialogue is, in my opinion, one of her strengths. She propels us on an emotional journey, and has also a robust task-oriented program. It suits anyone who needs to remember that our true wellness, physical, emotional and daily work/ life, is sometimes just hidden or misplaced in our busy and active mind. Michele creates a space within us, to find ourselves again and to progress through life with balance and awareness, empowering us to be more successful and thrive”

    Community Volunteer

  • Michele Gennoe

    “Michele is a highly considerate and innovative individual and leader. She exudes the ability to determine and reach realistic outcomes when working with individuals, associates and/or employees. She has enormous consideration and respect that are expressed through her communications, actions and the amount of support she provides to others on a daily basis.recommend this”

    Founder & Director, Marianne's Mobile Marketing