Mindful Leadership Experience

Your Leadership Program to grow and develop as a Successful Leader

Mindful Leadership Experience

Most days as a leader you can feel like you are a passenger in an out of control car.  So how do you get back in the drivers seat of your life or job and live each day with more fun, focus and purpose? 

The Mindful Leadership Experience Program shows you how!

Online Leadership training is an effective way to gain more leadership skills at a time and convenience that suits your lifestyle.  Using a 7 step framework you are guided through a fun interactive program to take back control of your life, build your presence and to lead using your authentic voice. Invest in Your Leadership Growth Now!

A proven approach to Your Leadership Growth

Getting started can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be – we support you in many ways to ensure your Success

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Leadership Coaching

Action starts with the right mindset. We get you in the correct head-space from the start with 7 weeks of easy to follow videos, materials and leadership coaching

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Blueprints to Success

No high-flying jibber jabber. These e-journals focus on giving you support to deliver fast results over the  easy to follow seven steps of the experience

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Useful resources

With access to the resources in the Knowledge Centre you have all you need to get started and stay on track to successfully grow and develop as a leader

Case studies

Mark is a senior executive who always felt rushed to make decisions and didn't always feel in control of what he was doing or deciding in those stressful moments each day.
After doing the online leadership training program he felt much more confident not only in his decisions but how we was leading his team.  He saw that he was back in the drivers seat of his work and was more empowered and confident in all areas which led to less stress


Mastermind Group

Imagine being with a group of like minded people.  Working together to grow and develop as Inspirational Leaders! Not only do you get access to our proven course content – you also become part of our vibrant community- your Leadership Tribe- who are here to help and support you on your leadership journey! Find like minded people and grow and develop your leadership skills to be the best you can be

Invest in Your Leadership Growth
  • “I learnt great skills that helped me to increase my impact on the lives of the people that I work and the clients I support”

    Principal Consultant, TEKsystems

  • “As a life-long learner I wanted to grow as a leader and through the MLX connected with other leaders and improve my own leadership style”

    Director, Maddison Training

  • “I've attended a lot of training but never learnt how to lead my team so that it was congruent and authentic for me as an inspirational leader”

    Finance Director

  • “Michele is a high level changemaker that can come in and help you transform the way that you do business- her work is profound”

    CEO, Forex Nation

  • “Michele's generous, dedicated nature is a standout strength as is her abundance of knowledge, and experience in the Leadership space”

    CEO, All about the Customer

  • “Michele she understands leadership and she is really passionate about delivering transformation to the world. I am really inspired by her”

    CEO, Be Ultimate