Stories from the Heart 
Tales of Courage

A collection of twelve true stories told by incredible women all on the theme of courage. The twelve amazing authors are;

Michele Gennoe, Dr Nicky Howe, 
Claudette Pope, Grace Najean, 
Karina Barrett, Mary Chetcuti, 
Mavis Carruthers, Melanie Chatfield, 
Ai-Mei Nguyen, Pip Brennan, 
Cushla Lovejoy and Lisa Evans 

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Meet the Authors

12 Amazing Women Sharing their Tales of Courage

Dr Nicky.jpg

Dr Nicky Howe

Grace Najean.png

Grace Najean

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Michele Gennoe

Karina Barrett.jpg

Karina Barrett

Pip Brennan.jpg

Pip Brennan

Mary Chetcuti.png

Mary Chetcuti 


Claudette Pope 

Cushla Lovejoy.png

Cushla Lovejoy 


 Ai-Mei Nguyen


Lisa Evans 

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Mavis Carruthers 


 Melanie Chatfield

  • “The compelling stories in this book highlight that courage can be embodied in minutes, months or even years”

    Writer and Performer

  • “The stories in Tales of Courage are ones of movement- and that's what courage is. Not getting stuck. Moving onwards. Gathering momentum and harnessing the brave”

    Writer and Copywriting Coach

  • “These beautiful Tales of Courage are amazing, the courage is apparent in the telling of these stories”

    Writer and Landscape Designer

  • “The stories in Tales of Courage show the triumph of human spirit. Easy to read, words and feelings that connect to the heart”


  • “Resilience, tenacity, determination and honesty. All the tales I read had these traits which enabled the authors to deal with their struggles and not only get on with their lives but thrive”

    Writer and Educator

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